What if transparency is simply a technical term for the truth?

What if inclusion is just a fancy word for community and generosity?

What if prosperity is essentially the pursuit of happiness?

What if equity is merely a path to greater opportunity and wealth for all?

Equity in Action

ProsperCity is committed to equity and invested in the journey to create it. Our journey involves cultivating more inclusive and diverse workplaces, and accomplishing this feat will require courage and heroic effort. It begins with a call to action and a drive to make our society more open, honest and respectful.

Part of our commitment is to champion companies willing to lead change.

Take for example, Intel. They value a diverse workforce and are actively striving “to create a workplace where every employee is treated equally and fairly and with dignity and respect.” (2017-18 Corporate Responsibility at Intel)

Among other initiatives, this means achieving 100% pay equality and full workforce representation for women and underrepresented minorities, as well as adopting inclusive hiring practices that mitigate unconscious bias.

Intel is also committed to transparency and makes their annual findings public.

Equity in Context

At ProsperCity, we focus on equitable hiring practices as the primary starting point for creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces. This means getting clear on our values and goals, as well as the words that define them.

In March 2018, The Greenlining Institute defined DEI, explaining the differences between Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a straightforward, approachable framework.

[D] Diversity refers to difference or variety of a particular identity. This framework focuses on race, but other markers of difference like gender and sexual orientation can be addressed as well.

[E] Equity refers to resources and the need to provide additional or alternative resources so that all groups can reach comparable, favorable outcomes.

[I] Inclusion refers to internal practices, policies, and processes that shape an organization’s culture. It speaks to how community members of a shared identity experience their environment.

Check out the full framework here:

Together we can shift the goal of equity in the workplace from a distant ideal to an urgent reality, from a trendy tagline to a tenable action that will create more opportunities for all.

The hero’s journey begins with us…

From your perspective, what are attributes of an equitable organization?

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